mission statement

If you really want to master English, you need a private teacher! As an English teacher I see myself as some kind of a coach. Think of yourself as an athlete who wants to win a gold medal in the olympic games. Wouldn't you be frustrated if your coach always had several other athletes to help train at the same time? You wouldn't get enough help from the coach to make the best of your skills. You absolutely need a personal trainer to win a medal. My job is to pay 100% attention to you. Let me be your exclusive English coach who specializes in finding the best ways to maximize your potential to master the English language. 

No two students have the same level of powers of memory, the same grammatical knowledge, the same speaking/listening skills or the same goals. Everyone has different weak points and strong points. You have your own truly unique background that requires a very flexible and creative lesson that can be efficiently customized to meet your demand. Taking ordinary lessons at typical English schools, that are prepared by a fixed teaching manual, is obviously not the best choice. You need a personal English consultant who perfectly understands your situation and provides you with lessons that are specifically prepared for you. 

If you have difficulty seeing yourself as an elite athlete, how about a baby who needs to be attended at all times? Would you rather be taken care of, along with many other babies in a group nursery room, by a nurse who is so busy giving care to so many of your counterparts? Or by a mother who is there only to satisfy your needs? Whether you are an advanced student or a complete beginner, what you need is a private teacher who is going to be with you every step of the way until you reach your dreams. 

As a bilingual teacher,I have the advantage of being able to give you instructions or grammatical explanations in Japanese. I also have many years and a broad range of experiences teaching English to adults, university students, high school and junior-high school students on down to young children, so I know how to make students feel relaxed, comfortable, confident, and motivated to do their best and have fun. I assure you, anyone can learn English to a high level, and it is my goal to share with you my experience as an English student myself, so you will understand the joy of expanding our world beyond the limit of the Japanese language and culture. 

Learning in a setting where you are free to relax and speak freely, you will make more progress than you ever thought possible. Come and experience the most enjoyable learning environment you will ever find. 

Masato Abe aka Captain Memo